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How to Make Contact
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How To Make Contact

A guide to contacting bisexual couples and singles on our website.

Although everyone is here to hookup for sex, everyone has the right to say "No" or "Stop" at anytime.

You should only meet people who you are attracted to.

Create a Profile

Create a profile by responding to the questions in the "Join Us" box at the top of the page.

Make sure you make your profile True and Interesting. Is is pointless telling lies in your profile, as people will find you out if they decide to meet you.

Profiles with a photo get 4 times as many responses as with out a photo.

Do not try to enter email addresses or phone numbers. Our admin team will not pass the profile. Phone numbers and emails are removed to protect people from malicious use, such as creating a fake profile for someone and putting their private details.

Making Contact

Browse through the contacts for people who are looking for people like you.

Only respond to people advertising for someone like you. If you are a single man and the person is looking for a couple, don't waste their time, or your own, by replying to them.

When you find someone you match, write them an interesting message. In the message explain why you match what they are looking for.

Never write one line messages such as "I want to fuck you". The probability is your message will be instantly deleted.

If a person declines to meet you, do not demand to know why. People have to be attracted to people they have sex with.

Fake Profiles

We spend a lot of time keeping our database clean. We remove fake profiles as soon as we find them, or someone reports one to us.

Profiles which have upgraded to "VIP" are unlikely to be a fake, as people who create fake profiles are probably not going to pay to upgrade a profile.

Meeting Up

Click here for advice on meeting up.