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Meeting Up With Other BiSexuals

A guide to safely meeting bisexual couples and singles through our website.

Before you meet

Agree on what you all want from the meeting. If you feel uncomfortable with anything tell the other person/people. If they are not willing to compromise decline to meet.

Exchange mobile numbers. If you are supposed to be meeting a couple make sure that you speak to both people. If either partner is unavailable to speak to you decline to meet.

Agree on safe words with your partner, and stick to them. If either you or your partner want to stop at any time it is allowed and everyone should agree to this.

Be Safe

Tell someone where you are going, and when you should be back. Give them the number of the person/people you are going to meet.

Always arrange to meet in a safe location such as a cafe or bar where there are plenty of other people.

If you do not like the look of the person/people, make an excuse and leave.

Either go to your meeting, or call beforehand to cancel. Just failing to show up is very bad manners and will get you a bad reputation.

If you go to a meeting and one half of a couple is missing, abort the meeting. Sadly some single men will pretend to be a couple to get to meet people.


Once you have met up with the person/people, do your best to relax. The chances are the other person is as nervous as you are.

Where to meet

Always meet in a neutral place on your first meeting. Never visit someone's home until you have met them somewhere safe first and feel comfortable with them.